School and Conference on Modern Mathematical Physics

18 - 23 September 2017, Belgrade, Serbia


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Matthew Kleban

Universal axions: cosmology in an axion landscape

I will describe a novel technique that renders theories of N axion fields analytically and numerically tractable. The number of local minima of the potential scales exponentially with N, making a brute-force analysis impossible for N >> 1. With the help of this new technique, I will show that for N~100 and with Planckian or GUT/string energy scales one finds values of the vacuum energy consistent with the observed dark energy. Moreover, this landscape supports a variety of types of slow-roll inflation that can take place after tunneling from a local minimum, and it naturally contains one or more ultralight fields that can serve as fuzzy dark matter. Hence one model with no small parameters and ~100 fields with random couplings can simultaneously account for the big bang (tunneling), inflation, dark matter, and dark energy.


Institute of Physics Belgrade
(University of Belgrade)

Belgrade, Serbia


Mathematical Institute
(Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts)

Belgrade, Serbia


Faculty of Mathematics
(University of Belgrade)

Belgrade, Serbia

E-mail: mphys9@ipb.ac.rs