School and Conference on Modern Mathematical Physics

18 - 23 September 2017, Belgrade, Serbia


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Lectures and reports

Ignatios Antoniadis Scale hierarchies and string cosmology (abstract, slides)
Irina Arefeva Holography for heavy-ions collisions and quantum quenches (abstract, slides)
Alexander Belavin Superstring compactification and Frobenius manifold structures (abstract, slides)
Neven Bilic Aspects of braneworld cosmology and holography (abstract, slides)
Andrzej Borowiec Palatini cosmology in different frames (abstract, slides)
Francisco Bulnes Cycles cohomology by integral transforms in derived geometry to ramified field theory (abstract, slides)
Alexander Burinskii Supersymmetric bag model to unite gravity with particle physics (abstract, slides)
Dmitri Bykov Complex structures and zero-curvature equations for sigma-models (abstract, slides)
Martin Cederwall Algebraic structures in exceptional field theory (abstract, slides)
Diego Cirilo-Lombardo Non-Riemannian generalizations of the Born-Infeld model and the meaning of the cosmological term (abstract, slides)
Radu Constantinescu Power law method for finding soliton solutions of the 2+1 Ricci flow model (abstract, slides)
Branislav Cvetkovic Generalized plane waves in Poincare gauge theory of gravity (abstract, slides)
Guido D'Amico Monodromy inflation at strong coupling: 4-pi in the sky (abstract, slides)
Ljubica Davidovic Symmetries of the bosonic string (abstract)
Dragoljub Dimitrijevic Tachyon scalar field in DBI and RSII cosmological context (abstract, slides)
Ivan Dimitrijevic Cosmological perturbations in nonlocal gravity (abstract, slides)
Goran Djankovic Arithmetic quantum chaos and random wave conjecture (abstract, slides)
Magdalena Djordjevic Quark-gluon plasma tomography (abstract, slides)
Vladimir Dobrev Multiparameter quantum Minkowski spacetime and quantum Maxwell equations hierarchy (abstract, slides)
Alexey Golovnev Teleparallel gravity, its modifications, and the local Lorentz invariance (abstract, slides)
Eduardo Guendelman Interacting diffusive unified dark energy and dark matter from scalar fields (abstract, slides)
Matthew Kleban Universal axions: cosmology in an axion landscape (abstract)
Takeo Kojima A bosonization of U_q(sl(M|N)) (abstract, slides)
Alexey Koshelev Early Universe cosmology in non-local gravity theories and its observational signatures (abstract, slides)
James Leech Analysing 3 body quark potentials using hyper-spherical coordinates (abstract, slides)
Jerzy Lewandowski The issues and results of canonical (loop) quantum gravity (abstract, slides)
Renate Loll Quantum Ricci curvature (abstract, slides)
Nenad Manojlovic Non-unitary classical r-matrices and Gaudin model with boundary (abstract, slides)
Aleksandar Mikovic Piecewise flat quantum gravity (abstract, slides)
Djordje Minic Intrinsic non-commutativity of quantum gravity (abstract, slides)
Jose Mourao Complex time evolution, non-uniqueness of quantization and coherent state transforms (abstract, slides)
Bojan Nikolic T-dualization of type II pure spinor superstring in double space (abstract, slides)
Emil Nissimov Quintessence, unified dark energy and dark matter, and gravity-assisted Higgs mechanism (abstract, slides)
Antonio Padilla The cosmological constant problem and its sequester (abstract, slides)
Voja Radovanovic NC SO(2,3)* gravity: noncommutativity as a source of curvature and torsion (abstract, slides)
Igor Salom Algebraic Bethe ansatz for the XXZ Heisenberg spin chain (abstract, slides)
Branislav Sazdovic T-duality and non-geometry (abstract, slides)
Martin Sloth Asymptotic symmetries and patient observers in de Sitter space (abstract)
Ciprian Sporea Hawking radiation by Schwarzschild-de Sitter black holes: fermionic fields (abstract, slides)
Jelena Stankovic New cosmological solutions in nonlocal modified gravity (abstract, slides)
Daniel Sternheimer The reasonable effectiveness of mathematical deformation theory in physics, especially quantum mechanics and maybe elementary particle symmetries (abstract, slides)
Marek Szydlowski Polynomial f(R) Palatini cosmology - dynamical system approach (abstract, slides)
John Terning ADS 4D/BPS 3D correspondence (abstract, slides)
Mihai Visinescu Complete integrability in toric contact geometry (abstract, slides)
Marko Vojinovic Gauge protected entanglement between gravity and matter (abstract, slides)


Institute of Physics Belgrade
(University of Belgrade)

Belgrade, Serbia


Mathematical Institute
(Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts)

Belgrade, Serbia


Faculty of Mathematics
(University of Belgrade)

Belgrade, Serbia

E-mail: mphys9@ipb.ac.rs